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Video NEW! 23-24 School Year Kickoff Notes 

Notes NEW! Harrisburg Project 2023-2024 I-Star Planning Calendar

Video NEW! Case Load in I-Star Notes 

Video NEW! LEA List Maintenance in I-Star Notes
Video NEW! I-Star New User Training Notes 

Video NEW! Start New Year & Mass Change in I-Star Notes 

Notes ISBE Special Education Data Road Map

Manuals & Guides

Manual I-Star User Guide (updated 9/19/2023)

Manual Harrisburg Project Newsbriefing Archive

Manual Students with Disabilities Data Collection and Approval Instructions (October 2023)

Manual Special Education Personnel Data Collection and Approval Instructions (January 2023)

Manual Students with Disabilities Claim and Reimbursement Instructions (March 2023)

Manual Child Count Flow Chart

Manual Fund Code N Flow Chart
Older Manuals
Upcoming Deadlines

 Link NEW! 2023-2024 Planning Calendar for Special Education Directors

Event October 2, 2023
Mass Change Closes

Event October 16, 2023
2022-2023 Exit Data Due

Event November 1, 2023
2022-2023 Room & Board Claims Due in I-Star

Link Data Collections Key Dates

Print 23-24 Due Date Calendar!
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General Topics

Notes Commonly Questioned I-Star Error Codes and Descriptions

Notes 2023 Summer Dates to Remember

Video End of Year in I-Star Notes

Video 22-23 School Year Kickoff Q&A Notes

Video Room & Board Approvals & Claims in I-Star

Video How to Access Indicator 14

Video Events In I-Star Notes

Video Website Navigation

Video Preparing for Child Count Notes

Child Count Certification Instructions for Superintendents 22-23 Notes

Video Child Count Certification Notes

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Student Profile & Approval

Video Indicator 11 & Fund Code U Notes

Video Transportation and Events Notes

Video SPP Indicator 13 Notes

Video Indicator 13 Non-Compliance

Video Reports in I-Star Notes

Video Student Approvals Refresher Notes

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Student Claims

Excel 2022-23 Tuition Cost Sheet Data

Video Fund B Claims Notes 

Video Fund E Claims Notes Q&A Notes

Video Fund F Claims Notes

Video Excess Cost Claims Notes

Video All Claims in I-Star Notes 

Video Claims Pre-Game Notes 

Notes PreK Speech Only Calculation

Notes K-12 Speech Only Calculation

Video 50-66A Instructions

Video Summer Term Orphanage Claims Notes

Video Add Multiple Students to Case Load

Excel 5066A Tuition Cost Sheet XLS

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Personnel Approval

Notes Accessing AFR

Notes EBF Offset Determination Help

Video Preparing for Personnel Snapshot in I-Star Notes 

Link EBF Distribution

Link HHI Q&A

Notes Create an ELIS Account

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How-To Snippets

Video How To Use the Un-Reported Tab in I-Star

Video How To Delete a Student Approval Record in I-Star

Video How To Add A Custom Event

Video How To Perform End/Adds

Video How To Print Personnel Or Student Site Admin Contact List

Video How to Show/Hide SIS Enrollment

Video How To Create Custom Notes

Video How to Request Access

Video How To Approve/Deny Security Requests

Video How To Edit Student Approvals

Video How To Add New Student Approvals

Video How To Add Districts And Schools in LEA List Maintenance
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