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  • NEW - 'Percaps Available' button will display district cost sheet data (#multiple)
  • Fix for percap display on claims page

  • Auto reset program end dates for revised calendars (as part of nightly recalc)
  • Fix for IEP error printing Summary of Performance form
  • Updates for reimbursement report filters
  • Fix for Personnel report headers (#67917)
  • Fix for cost sheet ‘Copy AFR’ procedure (#67935)
  • Remove – Claim validation (Fund D/E/X) with detention centers
  • NEW: Revise claim process to include updated calendar codes for remote learning, etc. for district calendars and private facility calendars

  • Fix search for student by Teacher name (#67242)
  • Fix Personnel salary error F-78 to validate only staff on programs
  • Fix for error when deleting Transportation Special Needs
  • Updates to streamline buttons and filters for all reports
  • NEW – Function to load total classrooms (line 27) on program cost sheet
  • NEW – Claim validation (Fund D/E/X) with detention centers

  • Update validation for EE codes for 2021
  • Clean up display on student profile
  • Fix error printing SPP14 blank survey
  • Improve performance of Personnel search (#67245)
  • NEW – 2 transportation reports
    • Unused transportation schedule
    • Unused transportation special need
  • NEW – Notification when percaps are available
  • NEW – Warning on claims when percaps = ‘Other’

  • Fix for Personnel Not reported (#67009)
  • Fix for problems deleting Student records (#67140)
  • New validations for invalid grade (Birth to 3, Eval)

  • Fixes for transportation data (#66419)
    • Delete of records will allow delete of transportation records also
  • Improvements to LEA Maintenance page
  • Improvements for SIS merges
  • Fix IEP primary key error (#66663)
  • New validations for invalid grade (0-3, eval)

  • Updates to personnel salary fields, impacting P5066B/cost sheets
  •        - Updates to personnel search and export
  •        - Updates to personnel reports
  •        - Updates to programs and cost sheets
  • Fix related services filter from claims page
  • Fix Event filter to exclude Events added at other districts
  • Fix “Employed As of Date” for Personnel from Add New (#66121)
  • Fix discrepancies on Statistics reports for Age 3-5 (#66414 )
  • Add new option for Custom Events report (#65541)
  • Revision for EBF claim validation
  • Added validation for Fund N records
  •        - Begin date must be in current School year
  •        - Dates may not overlap with other records
  •        - Max 3 year timeframe from last evaluation date
  • Add section for child count totals by Fund Code

  • NEW – Student not Report on Caseload report (#65814)
  • Updated – Personnel Blank Data Entry Report (#59480)
  • Removed ‘Copy’ function for programs (#65528)
  • Fix for invalid overnight Fund D error codes

  • Fix for Custom Events report (#65753)
  • NEW - Indicator 13 Results Listing report
  • Fixes for Transportation Reports
  • Disable PDF for Child Count Snapshot (#65810)

  • Updates to ALL reports
  • Fix export by grade for Student contact report (#65189)
  • Refresh cache from SIS whenever Recheck Edits is run
  • NEW Enrollment with total minutes report by Class (#65236)
  • Fix for Custom Events Report error on Export (#65541)

  • Fix security for new users (#65003)

  • Updates for All (4) Computation Sheets reports
  • Fix read only access to Programs and Caseloads
  • Fix for exit date overwriting caseload dates (#64965)

  • Fix contact reports from all pages
  • NEW – ISTAR Data Entry form
    - Data Entry form for Update
    - Data Entry form Initial Placement
  • Fix display for grade level (#64551)

  • Add Student name to Caseload export / import (#64106)
  • Fix for contact reports 404 error (#64097)
  • Allow access to Private facility details for locked approval records
  • Allow access to SIS button for locked approval records
  • Fix for export of Unreported list (#62960)
  • Fix home school on Profile page (#64016)
  • Fix IEP Summary report
  • Prevent EBF checks for summer claims

  • No changes allowed to any fields after lockout (including exit data)
  • Colors for error messages - Red for fatal, green for warnings
  • Prevent serving school filter for specific reports
    - Student Grades XX Active on Child Count
    - Child Count Snapshot
    - ALL Reimbursement reports
  • Add export option for Unreported list (#62960)
  • Add export option for Youth in Care list (#62960)
  • Fix Parent Address report
  • Fix student export by related services (#63684)
  • Fix discrepancies with Statistic reports (#63051)
  • Adjust 2 stats reports to give unique counts for full SY (#62835, 59868)
    - Serving School Count
    - Ethnic and Gender Count by Serving School

  • NEW reason code (10) for Indicator 11 delay
  • Add field to export for Alpha List of Students (#63240)
  • Fix student search by Program (#63304)
  • Add serving school filter for Error Listing reports (#62959)
  • Allow to search by serving school without choosing a serving district (#60116)

  • Turn off request for 2019 exit data
  • Fix for Fund B override for claims days (was disabled after viewing a split rate claim)
  • Fix error when adding parents (#55937, 55554)
  • Fix for Class list report filters “Active as of” (#63359)

  • Correction for validation for students with summer birthdates (#62850)
  • Option to exit caseloads when exit student records (#55000)
  • Allow easier delete of Residential records
  • Account for e-learning days on calendars for claims
    - Impact to calendar method and program method
    - Impact to recheck edits
  • Allow AFR data to copy from one program to another
  • Allow export / import of Caseload data (#54480)
  • Clean up home page – move buttons to menus
  • Re-organized Reports menu; add Contact reports to menu
  • Fix exports from Claims page

  • Change labels for EBF
  • NEW tab to identify potential Fund E/F students
  • Fix for manual method ADE (#62650)
  • Fix to clean up claim term
  • Clarify due date for exit data is 9/30
  • Remove residential records from Student Reimbursement Fund B report

  • For new record, fix private facility drop list
  • For new record, fix cache to prevent record from “disappearing” (#62204, 62458)
  • Add gender as a filter for Private Facility Search
  • Add district filter for caseloads (#61164)
  • New filters for Student/Claims search
    - Program
    - EE Code (#57667, 59002)
    - Related Services (#60850)
    - Date of Birth (#53149, 61770)
    - Local ID
  • Reports - New tab with SEPI Lookup for Personnel
  • Reports - Update Custom Events report to show only Active students (#58748)
  • Reports - Add DOB and Grade to export for Address report (#62499)

  • Fix for Fund B claims due to term change (# 61807)
  • Fix for display of Student ‘Add+’ button (#62147)
  • Fix for late summer school entries (#62048)
  • Fix for multi-select for caseload adding too many students (#62044)
  • Allow to reduce days enrolled for Fund B claims (unless split rate)
  • Hold year/district when working with Programs
  • Fix Days Enrolled by Resident District Report (#61948)

  • Fix sort for claims grid (#60612)
  • Show list of associated programs for private facilities details page
  • New report – Non-exited students for verification report (#58672)
  • Reports - Fix Fund B validation for claims (W-17) to use days enrolled
  • Reports - Fix wrong school year for Caseloads (#61762)

  • Sort claims grid by alpha, then date (#60612)
  • Add “Active as of” filters for Parent contact reports (#59724)
  • Fix error on Fund B claims when no summer days (#61118, 61110, 60301)
  • Fixes for background color for new year
  • Add program field to export for Reimbursement reports for DEF/XJ (#59655)
  • Private Facility Search - Fix for Web link
  • Private Facility Search -Fix for link to PF Calendars

  • Fix for error linking to Private Facility search (#60189)
  • Fix error for Indicator 11 when no 2020 calendar (#60361)
  • Fix for Program cost sheet line 24
  • Fix for calculations with partial cost sheets
  • Change personnel validations for SUP work assignment
  • Remove future dated errors from Error report (#59757)
  • Fix for error from Program by Resident district report
  • Private Facility Search - Clarify the search by zip code options (#54076)

  • Shorten student grade on student search grid (#59281)
  • Fix export for student search grid (#59281)
  • Fix EBF validation when student is in 2 districts for SY
  • Fix claim edit for W-044 for Fund F (#59600)
  • Fix ADE totals for tuition records W030 (#59379)
  • Update claim warnings for high cost W-19 and W-45
  • Fix for SPP14 error for extended survey
  • Clear related services when switch to Fund N/U (#58827)
  • Fix Program drop list to show active programs only (#59157)
  • Fix for “duplicated” personnel (#59645)
  • Remove Personnel W-76 for HHI FTE when over 2.0
  • Fix Personnel Errors Listing report to use “errors only” filter
  • Fix for Programs by Resident District export (#59655)
  • Fix high demand errors for Statistic reports
  • Fix Statistics reports for Age 3-5 (#59356)
  • Fix disability code on Class List reports (#59235)
  • Fix filter options for Reimbursement reports (#59602)
  • Fix descriptions for Reimbursement reports (#59941)
  • Add Private Facility search by 2 disabilities + Age
  • Clarify Private Facility filter for In-state/Out-of-State
  • New formatting for Private Facility “Print Report”
  • Add links to Private Facility web page from details page

  • Create a "do everything" option for recalculating Programs
  • Allow Excel files as an upload format

  • Fix Class List by Case Manager report for Serving district filter (#58800)
  • Fix Tuition Bill filter on Claims search page (#58804 )
  • Fix sort order for Student Approvals search page
  • Include facilities closed during the year when using “All facilities” filter (#58772)

  • Change due date for Indicator 11 error 14 to July 1
  • Remove out of state public schools from Private Facility search results

  • Fix for Student Transportation report performance (#58667)
  • Fix for nightly Student Cache update
  • Add all salary fields to Personnel export from search page
  • Remove defaults for EBF Offset amount

  • NEW – Custom Events report (#53817, 54644)
  • Fix for Parent Information report when no address

  • Fixes for Spp14 reports (#58355)
  • Fix for duplicate indicator errors (#58404)
  • Updates to validation to DCFS
  • Display Personnel BFM from landing page
  • Updates to Private Facility Search page
  • Improved search for User Admin function

  • Fix for error changing Fund code (#58309)
  • Fix for Fund F claims (#58390)
  • Fix for too many emails working on programs (#58298)
  • Require resident school entry for Fund L/P
  • Sort student grid by date when multiple records per student (#51908)

  • Fix for overlap edit check in batches (#58111 )
  • Fix performance for parent contact reports (#58148)
  • Fix to filter Alpha List of students report by Serving District (# 58062)
  • Fix for Personnel error with no Work Assignment (# 58081)
  • Fix for Fund B claim error F-26 (#58196)

  • Fix double click for child count verification
  • Update all Fund B/F claims to Calendar method
  • Clarify labels for caseload screens (#55669)
  • Fix Program by Res District report (#57819)
  • Fixes for SPP14 for 2018

  • NEW Report – Approvals Not on Child Count
  • Change background colors to indicate school year
  • Show School code in LEA Maintenance
  • Indicate Net Cost per ADE in Program list (#40821)
  • Show Per Cap Information on main Program page
  • Allow to filter Medicaid report by Serving District (#57231)
  • Fix boundary conditions for reports
  • Don’t show claims for Summer term Fund X/J (#44530)
  • Fix for overlaps with exit dates
  • Fix validation for % special ed
  • Filter Student Approval reports by “As of date” (#35493)
  • Change default values for Room&Board Payor
  • Fix for Personnel search “excluded” filter options

  • Private Facility Search – Make calendar format more readable
  • Private Facility Search – Add banner for ‘not approved for new placement’
  • Fixes for enrollment cache
  • Fix for Fund B claims
  • Fix for “Not approved for new placements”
  • Restrict report filter to Primary Disability (#40258)
  • Fix Student Notes report
  • Fix Approvals Not Reported report
  • Prevent removal of Residential records with 34-37
  • Change student color in caseload page after visit
  • Display personnel with last name first on programs (#49923)

  • Fix for using Grade filter on reports
  • Fix for All Students by Events report (# 55878)
  • Fix for Summer Term DEF Reimbursement report
  • Fix nightly cache for updates
  • NEW – button to refresh SIS enrollment information
  • Update reports to use local cache for performance
  • Change reports to use correct child count of 11/30
  • Fixes for Transportation reports

  • Fix for Child count totals to match details
  • Fix report filter selection for enrollment checkboxes (#55737)
  • Fix for catching overlaps with Fund L (#55416)
  • Fix for missed overlaps (#55725, 55879)

  • Fix for Statistics reports for students Age 21 (#55487)
  • Fix Indicator error for reason 05
  • NEW Child Count Snapshot report
  • Re-apply security for District Admin users (on login)
  • Fix for ‘Return’ link from Events page on Profile (#55413)
  • Fix for Students Turning XX report when no calendar available (#55465)
  • Performance enhancements

    - Optimize edit checks

    - Enrollment cache for performance
  • Changes to DCFS error checks
  • Check DCFS errors only when new file is loaded
  • Turn off age related error checks during correction period

  • Fix for statistical report by serving school (#55297)
  • Change layout to clarify report filter options for Approvals and Enrollment
  • Fix for Indicator 11 Reason 05 errors (# 55351, 55434, 55407)
  • Adjustments for Future dated flag on Reports

  • Serving district filter for Class list reports (#54875)
  • New validation for Indicator 11 reason 05
  • Update claim validation for W-017 for max ed cost
     - Uses days enrolled instead of days in session

  • Fix for Statistic Reports for Age 3-5 (#55151)

  • Fixes for caseload errors and duplicates
  • NEW - Dynamic menus
  • NEW - Description field for reports
  • Fix to display PF Search calendar in IE

  • Indicator 11 updates
  • NEW - Add multiple students to caseload
  • Private Facility Search export should not include unpublished items
  • Clarify child count on 11/30
  • Remove “close errors” link
  • Fix serving district filter for Approvals Reported for Child Count (#54552)
  • Fix school year filter after using Personnel Historical reports
  • Fix for Class list exports

  • Fix for Case load Student Listing report (#53817)
  • Add related services to Case load Student Listing report (#43955)
  • Add Resident school to export for Programs by Resident District
  • Fix for Residential Only warning W-008 (#54316)
  • Remove warning W-058 (turning 6) (#54547)
  • Fixes for Stats reports (#54516)
  • Change Previous School Year color to Red
  • More data on Student grid export (#54468)
  • Prevent double click on Recheck Edits
  • Programs by Res Dist not using Serving District filter (#53231)

  • Change Previous School Year color to Red
  • Display lapsed/expired certificates for Personnel (#53787)
  • Fix for end/add for out of district records (#54161, 54286)
  • NEW Transportation report for Special Needs (#51997)
  • Add Serving school filter for class list reports (#49070)
  • Fix serving district filter (#53973, #54187)
  • Turn off class list filters for Event reports (#53997)
  • Fix for Enrollment with Total Minutes (#49665)
  • Fixes for Stats reports (#53991, 9768, 53994)

  • Formatting for Exit Data report (#53500, 53352)
  • Computation sheets available for 2016 and 2017
  • Fix for dually enrolled residential/tuition records (#53649)
  • Private Facility Search application updates
    - Improved search (#53156)
    - Indicators for facilities that are closed or not approved
    - Display Approval date and Case status
    - Link to detailed calendars
  • NEW - Ability to select and add multiple students to programs
  • Updates for Child Count verification
    - 3 year comparison
    - Details by EE code, age, disability and ethnicity
    - New button for certification (available in March 2019)
  • Updates for Statistics reports (#47778)
  • - New filter to run by “as of date” (#51239, 52186)
  • Fix to allow delete of student approval with missing data (#53257, # 53242)
  • Add disability and related services to Events reports (#50082)
  • Add participation days to Export for class list reports (#37097)
  • Fix spelling on Reimbursement reports
  • Fix for Preparing District selection on Programs
  • Fix for closed schools (#53505, 53455)
  • Make indicator errors fatal
  • Better descriptions for F12 and F21
  • Variables table – impact to validations
  • Fix F-149 to validate at District level
  • Fix for summer birthdates

  • Fix for Read Only access to funding screens (TFS 9805)

  • #12597 Fix for Fund U error for student under age 3
  • #12627 Getting Fatal instead of warning for "turning 6"
  • #12679 Fix for 149 error - to school level

  • Fix for Mass change report error
  • Fix for “Drop out” exit reason (#52784, 53038)
  • Fix for nightly batch errors (#53001)
  • Disable ‘Cost per 1.0 ADE’ on claim page for Program method
  • Fix for Summer only private facility claims (#52920, 52994)
  • Changed exit date label to Sept 28, 2018

  • Fix for regular term DEF Reimbursement report
  • Fix for timeout on Class List reports (#52714, 52729)
  • Fix for age validations from previous year (#52719, 52796, 52800)
  • Fix for access to user admin screens (#52676, 52624)
  • Fix for Private Facility validation (#52873)
  • Fund P will require SIS enrollment in current SY
  • Fix for report filters (#52696, etc…)
  • Fix for serving school options for Fund L (#52544, 52641, 52645)
  • Fix export for “Students turning XX” report (#47636)
  • Fix for “Students turning 14.5” report (#52524, 52846)
  • Fix cost sheet calculations for “Other” expenses when using Cost Accounting
  • Default values for Time field for Transportation drop off/pick up
  • For Personnel, reset Employed As of date for new SY (#52847)
  • Disable ‘Cost per 1.0 ADE’ on claim page for Program method

  • Fix to enable “Make Changes” button for mass change (multiple)
  • Fix for rollover of Indicator 13 data (#52456)
  • Fix for mass change with private facility dates (#52459)
  • Fix for report filters (#52424, 52489, 52524)

  • Display Update user/date for Notes (#50944)
  • Personnel - Do not require FTE for supervisor work assignments (SUP, A)
  • Fix for claim warning W-30 for ADE checks (#51131)
  • Fix to keep private facility code when change fund code B to F (#49647)
  • Fix for overlap validations for private facilities (#51270)
  • Fixes for Private Facility Search display
  • Fix to clear Transportation cost when change fund code
  • Hide the EO Reimbursement field
  • New button to display SIS district and dates on ISTAR Approval page
  • New button to copy SIS end date to ISTAR end date
  • Validate for closed schools (#48585, 51737)
  • Validate private facilities to school level (#45623, 46905)
  • Validation for end dates with SIS will be fatal error (F-154) if SIS ends student during child count period (#51720)
  • NEW Reports in Contact section
    • Parent Information by Resident District
    • Parent Information by Serving School
  • Exclude future dated claims from Reimbursement reports (#51051)
  • Exclude future dated claims from Programs and related reports (#50269)
  • Fix for Personnel Approval reports filter by work assignment (#51815)
  • Fix for Tuition Summary Page report (#51089)

  • Fix to allow coops to continue 2018 work on districts that are withdrawing for 2019
  • Updates for residential claims for fund B/F
    • Reimbursement status = N
    • New claim error 43 - "No reimbursement in ISTAR for Residential placement"
    • Prevent entry of days / costs if claim tied to Residential approval
    • Display “Facility Claim Type = Residential” on claim details page
  • Fix for Reimbursement reports to exclude future dated records (#51051)
  • Fix to exclude claims with Program method from F-023 (#51071)
  • Fix for district selection for Student Tuition Summary
  • Fix for Student Claim Error report to page break for each resident district (#50683)

  • New Error 165 - Do not allow new placements in facilities marked “not approved for placement” (Rule changes for 401)
  • NEW - Display “Not approved for placement” flag from Private Facility search details
  • Remove Approval status from Private Facility Search details (#45510)
  • Revise counts on Alpha List of Students report (#49268)
  • Fix for Ind 13 Does not Meet report (#50205)
  • Fix for calendar control on Events page (#49033)
  • Add Indicator 11 dates to export from Search screen (#49895)
  • Revised validation for summer errors / students with summer birthdays (#49804, 50273)

  • New approval error 164 – temporary stop for new D/E/F records
  • New claim error 41 (EBF March timeframe)
  • New claim error 42 (EBF October timeframe)
  • Small fix for lockout periods
  • Fund D/E/F records will be in lockout from 6/9 thru 6/16

  • NEW Validation to prevent orphanage claims included in EBF funding
  • NEW District Summary report for SPP14 results
  • Notes for Personnel (per approval) (#43047, 28482, 30970, 39497)
  • Performance enhancements for Unreported tab (#49250, # 49248)
  • Fix for Class report with duplicate parent addresses
  • Fix for Personnel Blank Data reports (#49234)
  • Fix for total Personnel records with errors on Home page (#49433)
  • Fix to save data prior to adding Notes from student approval (#49307)
  • Fix for Serving School Count reports
  • Fix for SPP14 with 3 attempts (#49457)
  • Fix for term changing on claims (#49593)
  • Fix to allow to delete a program definition (#49673)
  • Indicate Fatal and Warning (F/W) on Personnel Error Listing
  • Add Local ID to export of Student search grid (#49614)

  • Additional Performance enhancements
  • Change label for Personnel salary field
  • Fix for Personnel Blank Data Entry reports (#49234)
  • Change formatting on Student Indicator Errors report (#49369)

  • Fix error on programs when Per Caps = Other (#48986)
  • Enhance error information for Personnel “overlap” errors (F-74 and F-76) (#48846)
  • Link to Memo Regarding Indicator 14 (#49016)
  • Fix to show reminders on home page (#48821)
  • Fix to show Tuition billing flag on Claim grid (#49171)
  • SPP Fixes
  • Fix for CPS district users for SPP 14
  • Remove references to “FACTS”
  • Force to logon screen after submit “red error” page
  • Additional Performance enhancements

  • Fixes for SPP 14 reports
  • Load students for SPP 14
  • Additional validation for Personnel
  • Only allow one approval record for each Special Ed Type (ABCD) for same IEIN at same district ( Note: This edit is only at time of save.)
  • Fix for Error 74 and 76
  • Fix search for teachers on Caseload definition (#48616)
  • Fix for Future dated logic for Fund B based on Residential / Tuition flag

Personnel Changes
  • Personnel Claims – removed
  • Personnel Approvals – redesigned
  • NOTE: 2018 Data will be converted
  • Employed as of 12/1 checkbox
  • Only regular term
  • Updated Spec Ed Type categories
  • New work assignments
  • Drop list for FTE
  • Changes to HHI
  • New Salary/Offset fields – only for staff on programs
Program Updates
  • Program Personnel screens – redesigned
  • Updates to P5066A and P5066B
  • SIS ID added to S5066B and S5066C
  • Fixes for SPP 14 screens and reports
  • Personnel Reports – New category for 2018 going forward
  • Personnel Approvals (3)
  • Blank Data Entry Forms (2)
  • Personnel Error Listing
  • Fix to hold ‘items per page’ setting for Personnel search grid (#45454)
  • Fixes for SPP 14 screens and reports

  • Updates to SPP 14 – Post School Outcome Surveys - Including SPP 14 Reports
  • Improve performance of End/Add
  • Sort serving school list (#48279, #48273)
  • Fix for timeout on Personnel search (#48602)
  • Fix for timeout on Unreported tab (#48584)
  • Fix for display of PerCaps on Program definitions (#38249) (NOTE – 2018 percaps have NOT been loaded yet)
  • Function to refresh calendars on Program definitions
  • Remove inactive reports (#48357)

  • Allow users to change end date for Fund N/U (#47585)
  • Screens for SPP 14 – Post School Outcome Surveys
  • Computation Sheets for 2017
  • Excess Cost
  • Private Tuition
  • Orphan
  • Summer Orphan

  • Fix “clear” to clear sort order selection on Student search (#31805)
  • Fix sort options on Student search for %special ed and Date of birth
  • New - Class List report without addresses
  • Formatting fixes for class list reports (#45715, 46903)

  • Convert data upload format to 2018 (as of 2/7/18)
  • Fix for Indicator 13 Does Not Meet report (#46613, 46758)
  • Validate term is entered for Fund L approvals
  • Fix for Private Facility errors (F-149, W-148, F-146)
  • Fix for Default Room & Board payer (#46413)
  • Allow Funding users to search for students that do not have FACTS (#46729)
  • Allow Districts to use Coop programs from program drop list (#46389)
  • Fix grouping for FACTS by Serving School report (#46062)
  • Fix to clear Search filters (#45518)
  • Fix for Medicaid PDF report (#47046)
  • Exclude Fund N & U from Medicaid report (#46695)
  • Update Reimbursement status for Residential claims
  • Don’t disapprove indicator 11 errors from prior years
  • Updated Class list reports
  • New enrollment filters (for Class List reports only)
       • All enrollments / Active Enrollments / Future Enrollments
  • Disable Class/Teacher/Location filters for Approval category reports
  • Add Serving School filter for Approval category reports (use in place of Location filter)
  • New Customized Students Turning XX report
  • Add student Age filter (for Reminder category reports only)
  • New “Personnel – Historical” category for Personnel reports for 2017 and prior
       • Personnel reports for 2018 are not available yet

  • New “Current Child Count Status” button
  • Fix school year on report exports
  • Fix to require EE code for age 3-5
  • Fix for Fund U prior to age 3 (#44852)
  • Fix for Private Facility check to program level (#45623)

  • Fix for Error Code 27 for Fund B (#44677)
  • Updated version of Student Serving School Count report
  • Improved caching for Student performance (#45366, 45358)
  • Add “Recalc Cal Days” button back to Claims screen
  • Add warning for Ind 13 “does not meet” to error reports (#45643, 45624)
  • Fix for Ind 13 error reporting to wrong district (#45710)
  • Fix for Ind 13 “does not meet” report – don’t show kids und 14 (#45722)
  • Fix for missing Ind 13 error (#45726)
  • Fix for Ind 11 errors – no errors for prior year data
  • Enlarge font for school year on Reimbursement reports
  • Fix page break for Student Indicator errors report (#45766)
  • Exclude Future dated records from program grid and S5066B (#39726)

  • Fix for Caseload Student Listing report with NULL locations on caseloads (#45517)
  • Fix for Export from Student Search (#45417, 45460)
  • Validate term is entered for “out of district” approvals

  • Fix for “regular days” errors for summer claims (#44677, 44522)
  • Fix for “% time in” at exactly 40% (#43245)
  • Fix for too many districts in Resident district list (#44578)
  • NEW Tuition Summary Page report (#36285)
  • Update Enrollment with Total Minutes report to split direct and consult minutes (#43210)
  • Fix for summer Reimbursement report headers
  • Fix for Event “in date order” reports
  • Fix for exit code 23 on search grid (#44423)
  • Fix for F-99 error for % time in special ed (#45067)
  • Fix for search for students by class/teacher name (#44775)
  • Validation exit codes from previous year
  • Performance enhancements

  • NEW - Caseload Function moved to Student Listing (no longer on Student profile page)
  • Fix to not require FTE on Delete
  • Fix for consistent ages on Class list reports
  • Caseload Student Listing report now has an export option
  • Add Note Author to Student Notes report
  • Fix calculation for Indicator 11 records with summer dates
  • Fix for W-039 claim warning
  • Fix for delete of summer claim

  • Fix for Class List to separate out classes with no Teacher name
  • Error for “Summer Term Days not approved” is now Fatal (F-16)
  • Summer term orphanage claims must not use Calendar method
  • Clear claim values when “Tuition Bill” is selected
  • Clear claim values when computation method is changed
  • Make “read only” approval from claim page consistent with approval entry screen
  • Display Private Facility Id on the Claim grid
  • Fix Exit from caseload definition entry to return to definition listing
  • NEW – Student Reimbursement DEF Summer Term report
  • NEW – Notes report/export
  • Fix export for Students Turning XX report
  • Add filter by Related Services for Enrollment with Total Minutes report
  • Fix for FACTS Reported disability codes
  • Fix Error F-26 for Fund F summer claims
  • Remove Error W-30 for Fund E ADE > 1.0 for Summer claims
  • Fix to prevent creating duplicate claims
  • New Error F-153 for use of Combo Facility Type
  • New Warning W-39 for Fund B/F claims with Ed Cost = per diem rate

  • Fix to clear claim data when Fund code is changed
  • Fix for parent address updates
  • Remove Room and Board Payer field if approval is for Tuition
  • Allow users to add Notes to approval records after lockout
  • Fix cost sheet for “Other” expenses
  • Add “Reload” feature to cost sheet for Receipts
  • Fix formatting ethnicity for Class list
  • Don’t allow FTE greater than 1.0
  • Fix for overlap errors
    - No error for Residential and Tuition at same location
    - Error when Fund B & X in different districts
  • Fix for summer birthdate validation
    - EE codes
    - DD disability age 10
  • Fix EE code validation for private facilities
  • Fix export for Students with Days Enrolled report
  • NEW - Report for Student Missing Exit Data (see report category Student / Errors)

  • Fix for Summer term orphanage claims switching to Regular term
  • Fix Annual Review in Date Order report for new SY
  • Cleanup for rollover – caseloads, programs, transportation and Indicator 13
  • Fix to make reports available to all users
  • Fix for private facility summer calendars that start prior to 6/1
  • Fix overlap errors for “combined” private facilities with 2 approval records
  • Fix to prevent overlap between Fund B and X in different districts
  • Performance enhancements
  • Improvements for Student Claims search performance
  • Hide unused Tuition bill options
  • Fix Add button from Program definition page
  • Fix claim validations for Fund D
  • Include Residential/Education indicator for Private facilities on Student approvals search grid
  • Fix for Reevaluation in date order report
  • Fix for missing Indicator 13
  • Fix for Initial Eval in date order report
  • Fix for Current IEP in date order report
  • Fix email to ISTAR Admin for rollover errors

  • Fix for permissions to rollover
  • Fix program assignment for new year
  • Personnel salary (with Both term) displayed more consistently on programs
  • Private Facilities for 2018 are “published”
  • Allow “restart” of rollover for parts which are not completed
  • Cleanup of district permission screens
  • Fix for caseload rollover errors (XML error, date overflow)
  • Fix for NULL value errors during rollover
  • Fix for reports
  • Fix for Personnel data search
  • Fix for Exit data requirements with exit code 20
  • Fix Clear Search to default to new year, not previous year
  • Add summer salary to Personnel Reimb Entry form
  • Add local id to class list reports
  • Add Totals to Personnel Reim Claimed report
  • Exceptions for claim error 23 for detention centers
  • Fix footer text for Facility Search screens
  • Force personnel claims off when Include Approval is off
  • Fix for private facility summer calendars that start prior to 6/1

  • Revise exit data collection for 2018
  • Open 2018 rollover processing
  • Fixes for Coop permission changes between school years
  • New fields on Student Approvals search listing
    - % spec ed
    - Exit code
    - DOB
  • Fix for Personnel Reimbursement Computation report for HHI
  • Allow export of Student Transportation report data
  • Allow use of Future Dated filter option for Event reports
  • Add disability field to Enrollment with Total Minutes report
  • Fix for Personnel Reimbursement report to exclude claims
  • Fix for Alpha list of FACTS report
  • NEW Report - Current IEP in Date Order
  • NEW Report - Initial IEP in Date Order

  • Fix for 5066C report
  • Fix for Indicator 11 dates on reports

  • Revise Personnel screens for State Approved Charter schools
         - Personnel should be entered and reported under category B (xx-xxx-xxxx-90)
  • Display previous School years with a different background color
  • Clear claim cost data as part of end/add
  • Fix Private Facility search by Disability
  • Claims for Future-dated records will show as "No Reimbursements" status (instead of "disapproved" status)
  • Fix to allow summer school to start before 6/1/2017 as needed
  • Fix Para-Professional Data Collection report
  • Fix Transportation amounts on 5066C for Funds X/J
  • Fix Class List report headers
  • Sort Reimbursement reports by Student Name
  • Fix to sort Transportation reports by Student Name
  • Fix to display student swith S5066B with LastName, FirstName

NEW Reports

  • NEW Indicator 11 Summary report
  • NEW Indicator 13 Does Not Meet report
  • NEW Student Transportation by Private Facility report

For 2018

  • Rollover process available August 1
         - Instructions and Trainings will be provided by Harrisburg Project
  • Require entry of 2017 exit data when editing 2018 data

  • Fix for cost sheet related to Rent/Depreciation selection
  • Fix to find more “overlaps” when no end date
  • Sort Caseload drop lists
Program Cost sheet fixes
  • Show Transportation Cost on 5066C for Fund E and X
  • Fix for problems when adding “Other” expenditures on existing cost sheet
    o Note - Can remove “Other” expenditures by clearing both Special Ed and Regular Ed costs, Save cost sheet, then Open cost sheet again.
  • Fix for reload ADE for new/existing cost sheet
  • Fix for reloading Expenditures to pull data from P5066B
  • Receipts
    o Note – Receipts will load to 5066A when Personnel program data is updated, but we did not have time to implement a “reload” button on the cost sheet for receipts
    o Note - Federal funds on Personnel are NOT automatically loaded from IDEA amounts on Personnel claims
  • Fix for performance – NOTE: Users should Recalc Program after any changes to the cost sheet. It will not happen automatically anymore.
  • LEP flag will be pulled from SIS, not entered on the approval record E.g. Native Language/LEP in Student Header
  • Removed language Severity field
  • From student profile, allow modify of Parent relationship
  • From student profile, display Grade
  • Include Summer days/Amounts on Student Reimbursement Fund B report
  • Fix Personnel Reimbursement Claimed to show decimals of HHI pupils
  • Fix Personnel Reimbursement Computation Report for HHI data
  • Fix Personnel Approval Reported/Not Reported
  • Fix warning for education cost less than expected W-038
  • Remove warning for ADE cost less than $5000 W-037
  • Add error for Indicator 11 with Reason 08 after final calendars
  • Don’t require Indicator 13 for Fund U
  • Fix Indicator 13 to figure out correct School Year

  • Private Facility code conversion (no more 3 digit code)
  • New Private Facility Search feature
  • New check box in Expenditures section of cost sheet will calculate functions at 100% for “cost accounting”
  • Display Rent/Depreciation on printed 50-66A
  • Clarify Reimbursement Status for student claims as A, D or N
    A = claimable, no fatal errors
    D = claimable, fatal errors
    N = not claimable
  • ‘Recalc Days’ button and ‘Recalc Calendar Days’ button will also set FTE = 1.0 when FTE is 0
  • Fix filter by grade for Student claims search page
  • Fix for Indicator 13 not saving

  • Clean up some duplicate parent addresses
  • Fix for Reimbursement reports
  • Fix validation for EE code 24
  • Fix overlap with “out of district” records
  • Fix overlap for dually enrolled records
  • Fix missing Indicator 13 errors
  • Prevent Indicator 13 errors for exited students
  • Exclude Summer Term records from Students with Days Enrolled report
  • Limit Fund Codes on Student Claims Error report
  • Clean up Student Indicator Error report
  • Allow personnel with Temp. Provisional Certificates
  • Allow data entry (days and FTE) for Personnel SpecEd Type 7 and 9
  • Collect “% time in Regular classroom” for grade = Kindergarten
  • Exclude Fund N/U from Days Enrolled validation
  • Fund B/F allow manual method claims only
  • Show Fund B/F rates on student approval
  • Default FTE to 1.0
  • Add validation for FTE > 1.0
  • Fix Summer Term validations for Private Facilities calendars
  • Fix for Personnel Approval Report missing data
  • Disallow “Both” term programs
  • Fix for Reevaluation in Date Order report
  • Fix to not display excluded staff on Personnel Reimbursement Computation Report
  • New warnings for student claims with 0 cost or low cost
  • Allow use of closed districts for 6 months after close date
  • Fix “Save and Check Errors” when Adding new student
  • For Student claims, display Approval term and Claim term
  • For Student claims, display count of Fatal errors only

  • Fix duplicates on Student with Days Enrolled
  • Fix duplicates on All Personnel Report
  • Prevent duplicate claims for same approval record
  • Stop validation for age related errors over the summer
  • Fix Report page drop down for long district names
  • Fix Personnel Approval Not Reported report
  • Add Fund Code and Program to Student Claims Error report
  • Fix headers on Case load Student Listing report
NEW Reports
  • Student Reimbursement Fund B
  • Student Reimbursement Fund D, E, F
  • Student Reimbursement Fund X and J

  • Fix Personnel reports parameters
  • Eliminates creation of duplicate claim records for new approvals
  • Bug fixes related to cost sheets

  • Fix for missing Personnel claim errors
  • Fix for saving multiple cost sheets
  • Fund B claims should pull Days in Session from Private Facility
  • Edit check for missing Term for Fund A
  • Edit check for missing EE code for Age 3-5
  • Allow for gaps in SIS enrollment at same district
  • Fix Personnel Salary with totals for the wrong category
  • Fix for program definition creating multiple copies
  • Fix spelling for Paraprofessional Data Collection headers
  • Add Term code field to Student Approval Error listing
  • Add Local District ID to Alpha List of FACTS report
  • Fix % spec ed on Alpha List of FACTS export
  • Fix duplicates on Personnel Approval report
  • Fix to filter Student Claims by Class/Teacher
  • Fix Personnel Reimbursement Claimed to run for Summer term
  • Fix for Address reports to show “missing” addresses when no phone exists
  • Fix for Enrollment reports to show only current enrollments
  • Fix page breaks for Personnel Claim Salary report
NEW Reports
  • Menu option from home page
  • Select by category
  • Annual Review in Date order
  • Reevaluations in Date order
  • Student Claim Errors by Resident District and Serving School
  • Student Reimbursement Blank Data Entry form
  • Student with Days Enrolled by Resident District and Fund Code

  • Alpha Turning XX reports now include summer birthdates thru 7/31
  • Fix for “recheck edits” from Student Claims screen
  • Fix for Class Lists with Active Enrollment to exclude Future dates
  • NEW Report - 'Programs by Resident District'
  • Change the way that student overlap errors are processed
  • Check for all other errors first
  • Ignore situations with allowed “Dually enrolled” combinations
  • All records with overlap will get either a Fatal or a Warning.
  • If “other” record is Disapproved, the “current” record will get a warning (W-151)
  • If “other” record is Approved, the “current” record will get a Fatal (F-084)
  • If both records are Disapproved, both records will get a warning (W-151)
  • The Fatal error will always go to the second/last one checked.

  • Fix for Indicator 11 #of days calculation
  • Error for missing EE code age 3-5
  • End/Add will default exit code from previous approval record if available
  • New Personnel claim error (F-69) if Personnel approval has errors
  • Fix for Personnel sync with SEARS system
  • Improved speed of Student sync with SEARS system
  • Added ‘date generated’ to Personnel reports
  • Display entered FTE for ‘Para Professional Data Collection’ report
  • Reformatted Student Transportation report
  • List programs for staff on “Personnel Claim Salary Blank Data Entry” form
  • Fix to sort ‘Alpha with address by serving school’ in Alpha order
  • Use most recent events on Class List by Facts & Events report
  • Personnel error counts on home page should be more consistent with error reports
New Reports
  • Serving School Count report
  • Ethnic and Gender Count by Serving School
  • Primary Disability Count 3-5 by District/Age
  • Primary Disability Count by District/Age
  • Students by Age & Fund

  • Automated SIS ID Merge process
  • Remove restrictions for program selection for out of district students
  • Add “Recalc Cal Days” button on Student Claims page for Calendar method claims
  • Fix for recalc days for Program Method from S5066B
  • Fix for LEA Maintenance if searching private facility
  • Fixes for reports with “out of district” students
  • Prevent Indicator data from CPS overwrite
  • Improved performance for Student Claim search
  • Clear out % special ed field when switching fund codes
  • Added Home school to export for FACTS Reported and Alpha List of Facts report
  • Fixed duplicates from Enrollment Report
  • Rework FACTS Not Reported -Includes out of district and students NOT active on child count
New Reports
  • Alpha Students Turning 15 This School Year
  • Age of Majority Report
  • Students w/ Parent Address & Phone Numbers by Res District
  • Students w/ Parent Address & Phone Numbers by Serving School
  • · NOTE: Reports with SIS Address are planned, but not yet available
  • Students w/ Phone Numbers by Res District
  • Students w/ Phone Numbers by Serving School
  • EE and Disability by Res District Age 6-21 (no export)
  • EE and Ethnicity by Res District Age 6-21 (no export)
  • EE and Gender by Res District Age 6-21 (no export)
  • EE and Grade by Res District Age 6-21 (no export)
  • EE by Res District and School Age 6-21 (no export)
  • EE, Ethnic, Primary Disability, Gender, Language by Grade (no export)
  • Case Load Student Listing
  • Total Number Enrolled by Location
  • Updates for program method (requested from training)

  • Removed update restrictions for out of district students
  • Fix for filters by Class Name and Teacher name (remove dups and restrict school year)
  • Fix for Class List by Active Enrollment reports to use only Active FACTS records
  • Fix for Turning XX reports
  • Add Apt# to address on class list
  • Fix for adding custom notes
  • Added link for reminders from the home page
  • Fix for SIS validation for Private Facilities F-149
  • Changed keyboard entry (tab order/focus) for Events page
  • Prevent events from displaying for the wrong student
  • Summer claims available for Fund D,E, F
  • Change in term should update total days calculation

Already in production:
  • Fix for “Save not completed” error when “Include on approval” = No
  • Fix “high demand” error for reports with no results
  • Exclude disapproved records from the Child Count report from ISTAR
  • Change home page error count only count “included” approvals
  • Work around for Fund B overlap errors for students in prison
  • Fix for Personnel search export
  • Fix All Students by Events report to show ALL events
  • Fix duplicates on FACTS Reported
  • Add more fields to export for Alpha FACTS and FACTS reported
New with this deployment:
  • Support of out of district students
    - If “include on approval” = No, can enter student from outside district
    - Check box added to student search pages
  • New ‘Recalc Days’ button on student tab for programs, to refresh days and ADE
  • Fix for manual method claim entry from the approval page (days and ADE)
  • Fix labels for language fields in the SIS headers
  • Change to Begin/Exit validation to SIS
    - Handles data ranges more consistently
    - Combines F-147 and F-148
  • Fix for Begin date errors for next school year
  • Fix for personnel error F-061 “exceeding maximum days”
    - Consider FTE and days
    - Fix message for overlapping district to prevent repeats
  • Allow to filter when choosing caseload by teacher name
  • Fix so ISBE Admin users can search for claims by SIS ID
  • Add Grade level to export from Student Approval
  • List Program Definition page in Alpha order
  • List Personnel in Alpha order on Program page
  • Allow district users to edit Program cost sheet fields
  • Show notes in the grid for caseloads
  • Allow sort of columns in Transportation grid
  • Create claims for Fund L to be added to programs
    - Force to Include claims = No (will not go to SEARS)
New for reports
  • Fix export for Students turning XX report
  • Alpha FACTS report - Add Private Facility code
  • Alpha FACTS report - Fix LEP flag
  • Alpha FACTS report – Fix filter by class name
  • Add related services to Medicaid report
  • Enhanced class list reports with export
    – Group by Teacher / Class, Sort by Student name
    - Split by Teacher and class
    - More data – term, age, SIS ID, totals
    - Improved formatting (fonts and headers)
    - NEW versions for Active Enrollments only (excludes students with exit date on the caseload)
  • New Enrollment with Total Minutes report
    - Group by Resident District, then by Student
    - Only lists active enrollments
  • New Alpha List of Students report
    – Group by Resident District , Sort by Student name
    - Student name, SIS ID, phone number (no export)

  • Fix for Student Indicator Error report filters plus export
  • Fix for error deleting phone numbers
  • Fix for IEP Progress Report display on new version of Chrome
  • Fix for Unreported Tab to not show “erroneous” SIS students

  • New report for FACTS Reported for Child Count (All records, all funds except N and U, active on 12/1)
  • Fix for Ind 13 where approval has exit date before age 14 ½
  • Fix for Ind 13 not getting expected error
  • Fix for Student Indicator Error report
  • Fixes for errors from Notes screens
  • Allow truant exit code 23 for all ages
  • Don't give SIS errors for approvals where EE code = 12 (Hospital Instruction)
  • Add error check so dates must be in current school year (but not compared to district calendars)

    --Deployed prior to release
  • Add home school/serving school to Student Indicator Errors report
  • Add home school to Student Approval Errors report
  • Fix for Students turning XX reports for Coops
  • Fix for Active on Child Count date when begin date = 12/1/xx
  • Fix for Child Count report when begin date > 12/1/xx
  • Fix for IWAS deadlocks
  • New report for FACTS reported by Serving School
    --Deployed on 1/26
  • Added district identification to Personnel error F061 for overlaps
  • Fix for personnel search returning duplicates
  • Fix for export of Personnel approvals
  • Added new warning for Indicator 13 Does not meet requirements
  • Default indicator 13 values for 8s and 8t = No
  • Fix to prevent export for reports that do not support it yet
  • Addition of tracing software
  • Improvements on error handling

  • Grade level on all reports- (Students with no 2017 enrollment at all will still show no grade level)
  • Improve performance on most reports
  • Provide export for Student Approval Errors report
  • Add gender, middle name and disability to Medicaid report/export

  • New All Students by Event report
    - Lists students with upcoming events grouped by Event Type, ordered by event date
  • New Medicaid Students export
    - Run report to get formatted report for printing
    - ‘Export to Excel’ button to get Excel report for vendors (including addresses and parent name)
    - Medicaid Students Delimited report has been removed
  • New Demographic/statistics export
    - ‘Export to Excel’ button from Alpha FACTS report or FACTS reported report to get Excel report with LOTS of details
  • Fixed duplicates on Alpha FACTS report
  • Allow update of Fund U end date/exit reason
  • Add Exit Code 23 for Students age 14-16 who are truant
  • Exclude Fund U from F-60 error for students turning 15 not in HS
  • Allow entry of Term and Local ID for Fund U
  • Alphabetize programs drop list
  • Fix to prevent duplicate related services
  • Fix to display caseload (with null teacher or class)
  • Unable to choose serving school for Charter school
  • Display Personnel error when “include on approval = No”
  • Fix personnel error for missing FTE
  • Do not allow Transportation costs to be entered for Fund B claims
  • Clarify instructions when adding new students
  • Update instructions in ISTAR footer

  • Posted contact lists as PDF on the home page
  • Fix for date/age validation

  • Student approval status not allowed to be empty
  • Added validation for program date range (to prevent invalid end date)
  • Improvements to Recheck Edits process
  • Added new features for Admin overrides for errors (must be performed by ISBE staff)
  • Fix for System timeouts

  • Fix to display SIS addresses on Student Profile page
  • Fix for caseload error when modifying minutes
  • Don’t require Indicator 13 for Fund LPNU
  • Fix for Indicator 13 error from “Save” button
  • Limit transportation accommodations to login district
  • Limit Note types to login district

  • Fix for Indicator 13 redirects to error page
  • Fix for Indicator 13 still shows as Incomplete W116
  • Improved Indicator 13 tab order
  • Fix for Unable to save Indicator 11/13 data
  • Fix for Alpha FACTS report include students with no Related Service (03)
  • Allow DCFS living arrangement for Nursing Facilities
  • Additional tracking for Recheck edits to find discrepancies (not a fix, just helping ISBE track problems)
  • Notes for Indicator 13: The look and feel will be different, but much more consistent.
  • Data entry is streamlined without refreshing on each tab.
  • The Indicator 13 screens will now have a “Save and check edits” button which will calculate if Ind 13 meets requirements.
  • Error can be seen before leaving the screen. “Meets Requirements” will also display on the grid prior to opening the Ind 13 form.
  • “Save and check edits” will also set/clear the W-116 error on the approval record.

  • Remove errors based on calendar checks for student approvals
  • Fix for behavior of events
  • Fix for Category 8 and Category 1 district drop lists
  • Fix for Indicator 13 “incomplete” errors Includes updated text for question 8
  • Fix for school year display for Indicator 13
  • Fix Indicator 11 drop list options
  • Add SIS ID to Alpha List of FACTS report
  • Provide button to clear report options
  • Fix for unexpected SIS changes
  • If personnel approval is not included, show error for disapproved status
  • Don’t give duplicate error for personnel approvals with different terms
  • Fix for Alpha FACTS report to filter by Related Service (03)
  • Fix for Class List reports
  • Fix for Age on Students turning 6 report
  • Fix for Search by SIS ID for Student Claims
  • Fix for reports by K-8, 9-12 grade level reports
  • Fix for to unlock sort options for Student Approval Errors report
  • Fix to save Note 2 for Caseloads
  • Improved Indicator 13 tab order

  • Require Term to be selected for Fund A approvals
  • Resident school should be optional for Fund L,P,N,U
  • Performance improvements for Caseload search
  • Fix to allow prorate of Programs with 1.0 ADE cost
  • Fix to allow selection of Evaluating district for Indicator 11
  • Fix to allow user to edit indicator 11
  • Fix to allow entry of Serving School for Fund H
  • Fix for search by IEIN (for personnel add & programs)
  • Include Fund L as part of Overlap check
  • Fix (again) to be able to choose Resident school
  • Fix for Note Type field which disappears when clicking on edit
  • Fix sorting / grouping for Student Approval Error Listing
  • Fix for Student Indicator Error report
  • Fixed paging for breaks by district on Student Approval Error Listing
  • Fix for DCFS logic when no exit date
  • Fix for SIS matching with exit dates
  • Fix for comma in Class List report
  • Address information missing for new students
  • Add SIS ID to class list reports
  • Fix for missing Indicator 13 errors
  • Don’t count warnings with errors for personnel claims

  • New error text for Personnel claim F061= "Educator total days exceeds maximum days. Regular: {x} Summer: {y}"
  • Security for Notes page
  • Fix for Student Approval Error report for resident district grouping
  • Display full RCDTS for serving school
  • Fix for error from missing data on transportation
  • Indicator 13 drop list display
  • Caseload delete button
  • Student Approval and Claim performance enchancements

  • Fixes for Indicator 11 entry and edit checks
  • Alpha students turning 14 ½ report
  • Alpha students turning 6 report
  • Reduce # of SIS errors reported
  • Fix for Fund L errors with SIS
  • Enhancement for Future Year approvals
  • Fix for adding students to caseload
  • Reduce reports with “high demand” error
  • Error creating note from Student Approval page
  • Display private facility on Alpha FACTS report

  • Rework transactions to reduce system Deadlocks
  • Events are disappearing after edit
  • Fix for caseload w/out start date
  • Alpha FACTS report fix
  • End/Add for one day
  • Can’t choose resident school
  • Incorrectly defaults begin date to today
  • Too many caseloads displayed
  • Issues getting to Notes page

  • Fixed an issue with addresses being read only after deleting an address.
  • Fixed a paging issue on the unreported tab in the Student approvals section.
  • Allowed standalone districts to be able to perform the Start New Year / Rollover process.
  • Filtered out Indicator 13 issues from the Indicator 11 page.

  • Fix for access to events, caseloads, notes, etc.
  • Fixed inconsistent error message for private facility
  • Don’t give errors if “include on claim” = No
  • Return to case list correctly when Class or Caseload is part of the filter
  • Make events grid sortable
  • Fixed phone number on “redirect” error page
  • *New* claim errors (warnings) if calendar or program is left blank

  • New screen for imports
  • New DLL for import process
  • Updated contact information in footer
  • Personnel claims will hold search results when returning from detail screen
  • Fix for manual method claims
  • Fix for Fund B claims data entry (manual method)

  • Updated version for all reports. Reports with no results should be corrected.
  • New filter for Student Claims by Reimbursement Status
  • Fixes for 3 “internal exception” errors


Program method fixes

  • Only allow Term R claims for Fund X
  • Corrections to calendars and ADE
  • Pull enrollments from correct year
  • Fixes to cost sheets
  • Display count of SIS IDs in programs
  • Reorder S5066B
  • Performance enhancements
  • Better behavior on screens during correction periods
  • Expanded ‘cost per 1.0 ADE’ field to allow 6 digits
  • Allow data entry for Fund F claims
  • Fix for 'FACTS Not Reported' report
  • Removed extra buttons on Personnel reports screen


  • Program definition will now pull the correct personnel term salaries when attaching them to a program.
  • IEIN number was added to the Personnel approval section where the Personnel name is located.
  • The edits checking the Begin date of the student approval are now based on the Serving District's calendar, not the resident.
  • Fatal errors on the Indicator 11 page now show as Fatal errors on the approval errors report.
  • Errors trying to recalculate the Tuition cost sheet and the Program Definition were corrected.
  • Searching for student claims using a program filter now should produce results.
  • The program definition and reports should now show the percent special ed correctly.
  • Personnel claims errors are now not shown on the Personnel approval page.
  • Program Definitions on import ( claims only import - tabled)
  • The calendars and preparing district dropdowns when using the program method are now based on the Serving district selection choices in LEA maintenance.
  • The F-21 error was changed to use the Serving District rather than the Resident district of the student approval record.
  • Reports showing caseload data have been updated to correctly show the caseload records.
  • Date and numeric data validations have been improved during the import to not cause hard stops on the import.
  • Inconsistencies with Indicator 13 and when it should be needed were corrected and cleaned up. Rechecking edits should remove any warnings regarding Incomplete records.
  • An error preventing users from ending student approval records should be corrected.
  • Problems running reports because of a reporting server upgrade have been corrected.
  • Problems running certain reports when using a serving district filter option have been corrected.
  • Problems adding Personnel Approval records were corrected.
  • Problems getting transportation records to show on reports have been corrected.
  • Errors while trying to perform an End/Add on Student approval records have been corrected.


  • Changed FACTS Approval error checks for Funds LPNU
  • Changed the behavior of error F-051
  • Corrected issue with Serving School Category 3 and Fund code L
  • Corrected Fund N Last Evaluation date import issues
  • Added Resident School Exceptions for districts without an applicable resident school
  • Corrected FTE saving issues
  • Changed missing % Special Ed to a warning until after the May transmission
  • Corrected end date and exit code error checking



  • Teacher name dropdowns are now appropriately filtered on the Student approvals and claims filter.
  • Added extra notes to the Caseload Definition page.


  • Student Imports are now secured with a separate role.
  • Added a Transportation Import
  • Added a Caseload Import
  • Added an Events Import
  • Fixed the bug that was stopping the Student Approval import.
  • Fixed a bug in the Student Approval search that was causing the duplicate records to show.
  • Added the capability to have an import completely replace your data for Both Student and Personnel Approvals and claims.
  • Added a Notes Import
  • Changed the school year on the Import page to only include school years the system is ready to handle.


  • Opened up the Indicator 11 so it is editable in all cases
  • Student Approval import now triggers Indicator error checks to accurately reflect indicator errors on records.


  • Added a button to the Personnel and Student reporting tabs that allows exporting reports as other formats.
  • Corrected report titles related to students turning 10 and fixed a bug allowing 2 report options to be selected at the same time.
  • Added the SIS Id to reports of students turning 6.
  • Added a grouping on the begin date to make it more clear which errors go with which record.
  • Fixed the sorting on the Class list report


  • Fixed the calendar checking function to accurately count the number of days in session.
  • Made the Serving school dropdown match the behavior of iePoint.
  • Made changes to the Alpha List of FACTS Students report, adding a page break after Resident District.
  • Fixed the edit check on Bilingual Severity so it triggers correctly.
  • Made it so that Fund N & U records don't get errors when 7/31 is used as the end date.
  • Updated the "Check Errors" button text to be clear that it will Save also.
  • Updated the Student approval errors listing report to appropriately
  • Fixed the Student Enrollment edit check and added dates to make it more clear.


  • Added a utility that allows removing Users from student's IEPs quickly and easily, as well as replacing one user with another. This will help when teachers move to another district and need to be removed from students IEP Access list.
  • Updated the Educational Supports page to include language on Linguistic and Cultural Accommodations.
  • Fixed a bug with the IEP Timeline that allowed progress reports to be added to revised Goal page.
  • Removed some old edits in the Assessment pages


IEP Tool fixes

  • Save Now button was added to 3 IEP forms. Form S – Addition Notes, Progress Reports, Notification Form B & C Domain page
  • Summary of Performance IEP form was added to the system
  • Fixed an LEA search by zip code bug
  • Fixed an error when setting up a conference. It was related to using common locations with a comma in the location text.

Approvals and Claims Fixes

  • Program Definition was redesigned to have all fields in one table and streamline the wizards and definition page.
  • Personnel Salary for Orphanage, IDEA Disc/FT, Pre-school and Other now carry over to the Total Federal Funds field in the Program Definition.
  • Changed the column heading of the Status column in the Personnel Work Assignment grid to be clearer.
  • Student Case Load and Transportation links from the Profile page were causing errors when clicked and double wizards to load.
  • Fixed a bug in the Events system that causes and endless loop.
  • Fixed it so days in session between dates are being calculated correctly. Proposed emergency days were being included in the count.
  • Fatal Error messages returned from loading an import file are now returned to the Import wizard page.
  • I-Star Home link on the ISBE header was removed
  • Percent Special Ed was added to the Student approval table and the import updated to include it as well.
  • A bug related to Personnel data and the unreported tab was corrected
  • Corrected grid column headers in student and personnel
  • Fixed the background color on the Student Approval page so the current selected control is easier to see.
  • We cut down on the amount of emails sent to the user when importing Approval and Claims files.
  • Performing an End/Add on a Student Approval should now copy Participation data if present.
  • Changed the Personnel Error report to include separate reports for approvals & claims.
  • Add Events filter to student approvals screen.
  • Add Error Type Filter to the reports tab to enable reporting on Warnings, Fatal or both.
  • Added Age Related Reports to the Student Reports section
  • Added IDEA Cost Sheet Reports to the Student Reports section
  • Fixed what tabs are selected when returning from editing claims and updating Program Definition.
  • Removed the School Year label and information from the FACTS Overview header on the Student Approval page.
  • Made it so the order of the boxes on the Approvals and claims landing page is consistent.


Approval/Claim Changes

  • Made the Indicator 11 page calculate the summer days correctly.
  • Fixed an error when adding a Personnel to a program definition.
  • Changed the Per Capita amount to have 2 decimals in the program definition page.
  • IEP security is no longer necessary to get to the Student Profile page or the Events.
  • Fixed the tab selection when coming back to the Student Facts Search page from wizards.
  • Added a 'not imported' report to the Uploaded Files tabs for both Student and Personnel and added date fields to the grid.
  • Removed the Unlisted serving location option from the Approvals page.
  • Changed the behavior of an End/Add on an approval record with a disability of N. Changed it to match iePoint>.
  • Personnel Grid column header colors were corrected to match the rest of the system.
  • Added a link at the bottom of the Student Approvals tab search results that takes you to the top of the page.
  • Category A and B facilities can now be selected by the LEA maintenance module, thus opening them up for selection on the approvals page.
  • Added additional fields to the Student Approvals search results. This should allow information at a glance and limit the need to go to the edit page.
  • Made the 'Cancel' Navigation link available when adding a Student Approval.
  • Allowed End/Add on approvals that have already been ended.
  • When an approval is marked to be not included, the other required fields on the page are now allowed to be empty.
  • An issue with the serving school value disappearing from the approval entry page at times was corrected.
  • Added the Last Evaluation Date to the Student Approvals table.
  • Changed the School Year in the Student Reports to include the both start and end years.
  • Miscellaneous fixes related to Indicator 11 page.
  • Made the Date Picker calendar show correctly so it doesn't slide under other fields.
  • Added the Medicaid number to the Student profile page and allowed it to be editable.
  • The PPNP field is not necessary on the Student Approvals Edit page anymore. It was removed.
  • The School Year dropdowns should now default to the most recent school year.
  • An Error count column was added to the Student Approvals search results grid.
  • Tabbing out of fields on the Student approvals edit page has been adjusted and it now should allow for easier tabbing.
  • Error messages were reworked when the student turns 6 to be more clear.
  • Overlapping approval record messages were changed to be more clear.
  • Personnel approval search filters is now expanded always.

    General Fixes

  • Added the Address entered into SIS to the Student Profile and allowed it to be copied to the parents.
  • A custom description box was added to the Error page to allow for a description of the process before the error. We also stored more data about what was in memory at the time of the error.
  • Pages were reorganized to make them smaller and to take advantage of caching.


General Changes

  • Added some general performance enhancements that should allow for caching of images and files and compression of data for improved performance.

Approvals/Claims Changes

  • Fixed the saving process so that Student Approvals will now be able to be saved. The users would get a message stating “Record not saved” with no explanation.
  • Changed the School Year dropdowns to select the latest school year by default and to be ordered descending on school year.
  • Changed the Indicator 13 to indicate compliance correctly with regards to question 8.
  • Student Reports will now run for ISBE users.
  • Corrected security on the Student approvals and claims pages so that Read Only Ids are truly read only.
  • Corrected the Education Environment codes to have the correct descriptions.
  • Removed the Error code numbers and added labels indicating warning versus fatal errors.
  • Grid Page size on student approvals is now remembered.
  • Changing Fund codes now does not blank out Serving District and school.
  • Removed the error that prevents putting an end date in the future in the approval record.
  • Made the Student approvals edit page pay attention to system errors during a save and not return the user to the Approvals search page regardless of the result.

IEP Changes

  • Changed the conference meeting page to not allow invalid or empty times to be entered.
  • Fixed an error in the conference page that was causing it to not open when a long Meeting address had been used recently.
  • Changed the Goal Objective page to reset the objective numbers when reordering and deleting objectives.
  • Changed the Progress Report page to save the progress report even if only text was entered in the comments field.
  • Added an edit check on the Conference Summary that requires the autism considerations form if Autism disability is selected.
  • Fixed a bug on the Progress Reports page that was allowing reporting on deleted objectives.


Approval and Claim Changes

  • Removed the dropdown to add Personnel in the Program Maintenance page. Personnel should be added using the Add Multiple link.
  • On the claims page, changing from Program to manual method clears the selected Program.
  • Student Approvals and Claims Reporting was corrected and should now be available.
  • Program method now uses the correct term salary for Personnel attached to the program.
  • Program method reports will now print correctly.
  • Updates were made to both Indicator 11 and 13.
  • Indicator 13 now matches the new Rubric from the Special Education Division.

IEP Changes

  • We have made the Resident District of an IEP changeable when performing an Annual Review or a Re-Evaluation.
  • We have allowed IEP Administrators or District Admins to select a Resident district that is outside of their Coop or District membership. This allows districts to create IEPs for students that are tuitioned to their location.
  • An Autism Considerations form has been added on an “Other Forms” tab in the system.
  • Some additional changes and fixes were made to the Assessments Form.
  • Some un-necessary text boxes were removed.
  • Some edits were added when making the forms official.
  • Some edits were fixed when making the forms official.
  • Progress reports objective details were correctly grouped so that they would not duplicate on reports.


Approval and Claim Changes

  • Added the interface for Student approvals import
  • Fixed some abnormalities with the personnel work assignment grid after checking for errors
  • Removed the confusing Add Personnel dropdown from the program maintenance page.
  • Fixed a bug where the program dropdown is not cleared on the student claims page.
  • Added labels on errors indicating warning or error
  • Fixed the program Claim Computation report so it will print
  • Fixed the cost sheet to only include the salaries from the correct term.
  • Added a Student Approvals Error report
  • Added an Indicator Errors report
  • Added an edit on student approvals to check for SIS enrollment

IEP Changes

  • PARCC Assessment and DLM Assessment added to the assessment form.


Personnel Changes

  • Summer HHI Pupils field is now hidden correctly
  • The blank page on the HHI report is now removed
  • Fixed the errors when saving DIR and A work assignments
  • Limited the license records shown to only those not expired for the current school year

Student Changes

  • Added some of the claims fields to the Student approvals page and made them visible when enough information is entered on the approval.
  • Correctly edited the Dual enrollment option
  • Allowed saving a Fund N record correctly
  • Set the end date on Fund Code U records correctly
  • PPNP field now shows when serving district is not the Residential district.
  • Set the end date on Fund Code U records correctly
  • Correctly limited the Reason for Exit codes by student age
  • Limited the Reason for Exit codes correctly for Fund code N and U
  • Added more width to the related service controls
  • Indicator 13 wizard now matches the new Indicator 13 checklist
  • Student Approval error report has been added
  • Made the attend days show correctly in the program definition page
  • Added a line 37 box on the program definition page to allow for manually updating the program with cost information
  • Added Excel output to both the Student and Personnel Search pages

IEP Changes

  • Redesigned the Progress report to build on previous reports. This allows you to see the progress as the year continues.


Personnel Changes

  • Several work assignments were corrected so that they can be added to the correct Special Ed Ids.
  • Special Ed Id must now be entered before saving.
  • Term must now be entered before saving.
  • Added an edit check to ensure that a person is not claimed for more than 1.0 FTE per term.
  • Corrected the edit on FTE for Para Pros. You can now enter 1.0 for Regular term and 1.0 for Summer term.
  • Unchecking the 'Include Approval' check box unchecks the 'Include Claim' check box.
  • HHI Salary now gets zeroed out when it is removed or Special Ed Id is changed from Home Hospital types.
  • Changed the text on the Personnel Search button when adding a new approval record.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing cross category claims to not calculate a reimbursement.
  • Adjusted the descriptions in the Special Ed type dropdown so the differences are clear.
  • Removed the modal popups after saving an approval and added a "Check errors" button.
  • Trapped invalid FTEs before saving.
  • Removed invalid fields when entering an HHI claim.
  • Adjusted the Home Hospital Worksheet report to print the correct special ed types.
  • Removed the masks on the IEIN fields.
  • Work assignments are now filtered based on the school year.
  • Added an edit check to make sure FTE is present for claims.
  • Personnel Error Listing report now prints the correct records.
  • Changed the behavior of the Personnel Search when adding a personnel from a district other than your sign in district.
  • Changed the claim days error message to be the correct number of days.
  • Fixed the behavior of the filter controls to be cleared correctly when changing reports.
  • Selecting a non-claimed special ed type now unchecks the include claim box.

IEP Changes

  • Fixed a problem with conference attendee roles being cleared when setting parent contact attempts.
  • IEP Forms now will not activate an IEP unless a form above the Data Chart in order is activated. Previously a conference summary and also the eligibility forms would activate an IEP.
  • We are no longer filtering out Miscellaneous Payee category types in the Serving location search on the Educational Services and Placement page 2 Form
  • The order of fields on the Present Levels of Academic Achievement wizard was adjusted to match the paper form.
  • Some performance optimizations were done related to retrieving the Student Case Load data.
  • Some whitespace was removed from the Notification of Conference printed form, the Notification of Conference Recommendations printed form, and the Documentation of Evaluation Results printed form.

Personnel Changes

  • Miscellaneous Changes to Personnel Approvals and Claims data entry, reports and procedures

IEP Changes

  • Deleting default IEP form contacts now provides a confirmation before removing the contact.
  • IEPs produced over the summer now can be made official. On the Change Form Status page there is now a button available to IEP Administrators and above that allows an IEP form to be made official as long as there is not an active enrollment for the student in SIS. If there is an active enrollment in SIS then the Resident RCDT must match between SIS and the IEP. A reason for using the override button must be provided and that information along with the date and the user providing the reason will be tracked.
  • The amendment form can now exist by itself without selecting any IEP forms to be changed. The changes can just be outlined in the amendment form
  • Goal objectives listed in the IEP Goals form can now be re-ordered. The functionality implemented is similar to the functions used with the goal statements.
  • Three tabs in the IEP form listing have been removed. These were the IEP Forms, Notice and Consent and Eligibility tabs. They were next to the IEP Timeline and were redundant as all of the forms were located in the timeline. The order of the forms in the IEP timeline has also been changed.
  • The secondary menu below the tabs in the Forms listing now will show correctly. It had been sporadically loading
  • The educational environment percentage calculation on the services and placement page has been corrected.
  • The My SIS students tab was not working for ISBE Admin users. This has been corrected.

Personnel Changes

  • The show current credentials button in the Personnel approval wizard now functions correctly. It was previously producing an error and would not show the licensure information.
  • Corrected a problem with the Personnel Approval reports grid where it executed the wrong report.
  • A bug in Personnel reporting has been fixed related to selecting the first report. A Personnel Error report was added as well.
  • Updates to the Personnel Approvals and Claims edit process were made as found from the testing with the 2013 data. New endorsements were added, number of day calculations were changed and certificate expiration dates were used in calculations.
  • An error when adding a personnel approval using an IEIN for a person that works outside of your district list was corrected.
  • Some indexes were added to the Personnel Approval tables to speed up the graph calculations.

IEP Changes

  • Changed the logic behind making the Conference Summary form offical - now the whole meeting must be made offical, not just the one form.
  • Added the ability to modify disabilities
  • Added the ability to manually enter conference times
  • Listed the parents on the Notifcation of Conference form
  • Removed unnecessary white space from the printed forms of 37-44K,J,L,N,O
  • Add "Other" as an option for PSAE accomodations

IEP Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the issue of the percent time outside general education not printing on form 37-44P
  • Removed references to older team members that were no longer active. This will prevent these records from being included in meeting documentation.
  • Eligibility forms now correctly remove the secondary disability
  • Corrected issue uploading certain types of Office documents

IEP Changes

  • Modified the Conference Summary wizard to add a checkbox to show contact attempts on the report even if the guardian is not excused.
  • The "Will Attend Meeting" and "Make Form Official" check boxes were added to the IEP access list pages (regular and the Common Users). Both check boxes should default to checked in both locations - IEP Access list and Common Users.
  • Defaulted the Initiation and Duration dates on Services and Placement (P) to the date of the meeting and the duration date to a year from that.
  • Added the option to print meeting attendees for SLD eligibility form (3744d) ) without watermark. There should be a link from the Form listing.
  • Modified Goals form M to remove excess white space.

IEP Bug Fixes

  • When setting up a conference, selecting ‘Other’ as the purpose and entering text in the box did not get transferred to the creation of the Conference, or to the Forms (Notification of Conference or Summary).
  • Users found that adding addresses to the student didn't make them show on the student profile page. Nothing would be shown on the student profile, but clicking the ‘Modify’ link would take them to the address wizard and it would show the addresses they had added. Hitting return would go back to the Student Profile page and show no addresses for the student. This has been corrected.
  • Resolved issues saving during the 3744M wizard.
  • Entity Search improvements in the Placement Decisions page
  • Resolved problem showing an Error report on the Change Form Status page.
  • Corrected issue with titles of parents on the signature page.
  • Resolved issue with the Conference summary report during placement in Non-Speced program
  • Corrected issue with showing deleted records for Transition Services and the relationship with the Transition Outcomes

IEP Changes

  • Annual Review and Re-Evaluation buttons now are only visible when viewing Official IEPs. These buttons start new, blank IEPs and these were getting misused when draft IEPs already existed for the student.
  • The Educational Services and Placement page 2, Placement Considerations section now prints out at least 3 blank rows even when nothing is entered. This allows for considerations to be written on the form during the IEP meeting, thus avoiding pre-determination.

IEP Bug Fixes

  • The Transition Outcomes page of the Secondary Transition form now will save changes to each of the boxes. It was previously only saving changes to the box directly above an empty text box.
  • The Secondary Transition services page would error out if you tried to edit or remove a service directly after adding it. This now no longer happens.
  • Edits during the Make Official process on the Educational Services and Placement page 2 were incorrectly including information that had been deleted previously. This was corrected so the edits now only consider information that is visible.

Performance enhancements

  • Recently system resources were added to the servers that house I-Star. You should have seen a performance improvement with much less timeouts happening.
  • We have also started caching some objects at the server so that they don’t have to be rebuilt every time a user requests a page.

IEP Wizard changes

  • The following wizards were modified to allow saving at each step, with most of the edits moved to the “Make Official” process.
    • Secondary transition, pages 1 and 2
    • Notification of amendment
    • Educational services and placement, page 2
    • Notification of conference recommendations
    • Notification of a request for evaluation
  • The goals and objectives wizard had some changes and enhancements:
    • Removed the character limitation on the goal statement wizard page and the goal objective page.
    • When adding a new goal objective, both the current goal statement and the whole list of goal objectives are visible.
    • Added the capability to reorder the goal statements.
    • Added a field called goal designation to the goal statement. This is not required and is user entered. It will be displayed in the goal statement grid and also printed out on the goals form.

General fixes

  • In the IEP Amendment wizard, editing an amendment form after it had been created would cause the Person who spoke to the parent’s name to not show. The wizard was corrected to show the person’s name.
  • Official amendment forms still were printing with a draft watermark on them when clicking the Print Amendment forms link.
  • Speech and Language Pathologist will now satisfy the role of Special Education Teacher at a conference. You will no longer need to select an additional role of Special Education Teacher.
  • In the Forms assistant listing, the Edit link was moved away from the Delete link.
  • There was a case when an excusal form was not being saved. It would go through the wizard but would not save the form. This was corrected.
  • Changed the hint color on date fields. Previously the “MM/DD/YYYY” hint was red in color making it seem as if the date was required. This was changed to be black.
  • Searching for Personnel by SSN was removed from the Personnel search control.
  • IEP Assessment form edits were corrected and a performance enhancement added.
  • The meeting location on the Notification of conference form would not show unless the address was also entered. This limitation was removed.
  • Goals and objectives edits were sometimes incorrectly reporting that the Reporting method needed to be entered.
  • Updated the ED disability description to correctly show the State Regulations as “Emotional Disability”.
  • The Save and Preview on the Goals and Objectives form was not working in cases where the form had already been saved. The amount of time the preview function will wait was increased as well.
  • The Conference attendees signature page (Conference Summary page 2) had been duplicating names. This was corrected.
  • The edits on the documentation of evaluation results were sometimes incorrectly stating that data was missing even though “Not Applicable” had been checked. This was corrected.

12-30-2013 - User Guide Updated


IEP Changes

  • We added a checkbox to the IEP access list page for attending meetings. Checking this will add the user to the attendees list for any subsequent meetings created. If unchecked the user will have access to the IEP in the system but will not be included in any meetings.
  • The button order in the IEP access list search page has been flipped to be more like the rest of buttons in the system.
  • Added the capability to save and exit within some wizards. These wizards will also save progress at each “Continue” button click. Many of the edits in the pages that stopped the users from leaving data items blank have been moved to the edits performed when trying to make the form official. In order to Save and Exit the user must select the “Save and Exit” radio button and then press the “Continue” button. Other forms will be implemented at a later date.
    • Conference Summary
    • Notification of Conference
    • Documentation of Evaluation Results
    • Functional Behavioral Assessment
    • Behavioral Intervention Plan
    • Educational Accommodations and Supports
    • Assessments
    • Present Levels of Academic and Functional Performance
    • Manifestation Determination
    • Educational Services and Placement page 1
    • Goals and Objectives
  • Fully disabled the spell as you type functions in our spell check implementation. It was causing problems in some pages and browsers, especially IE.
  • The Personnel search pages now correctly select the user’s District and Coop as the default when searching for educators. This was not happening when the user signed up for I-Star using a school RCDTS.
  • Changed how the Student Search page loads to be more efficient. This will be visible only to IEP Administrators and District Administrators

10-23-2013 - User Guide Updated



  • Has been updated with multiple roles created. This affects the general system security, student searching, and who has access to a student’s IEP.
  • Encrypted GUIDs have been added to prevent unauthorized access to documents.

Notification of Conference forms

  • Report header shows on only one page rather than multiple pages.
  • Added the student as an optional attendee on the Conference Summary report.
  • Added option to apply parent contact attempts to all parents attending a conference
  • All Notification and Consent forms that include the parent's name now read "To the Parents/Guardian(s) of …".

System Changes

  • Addition of Links/Buttons
  • Added a link to the IEP Quality website in the top menu.
  • Reevaluation and annual review buttons added to the IEP page.
  • An external documents button was added to IEP page.
  • Setting up a Conference
    • Time selection dropdown includes increments of 15 minutes.
    • Added the address type to the address wizard page.
    • Made an option to select a previously used “local room” when setting up a conference
    • Selecting a recently used local room when setting up a conference also includes the address used for the local room.


  • Made a way to change the student's disability when the student is between evaluation periods. This is only allowed once and is prefilled with data from the most recent FACTS upload.
  • Further instructions added to the Educational Services and Placement page 2 wizard.
  • Secondary Transition course of study entries can now be pulled forward when doing an annual review or reevaluation.
  • Progress reports no longer require that all goals be reported on.


  • Form printout order is the order the ISBE form number.
  • Official IEP forms print without watermarks.

09-04-2013 - Security Overview Video Published

09-04-2013 - User Guide Updated

08-07-2013 - User Guide Published

08-07-2013 - Web Site Published