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I-Star IEP User Guide
Print Combined IEP Guide
I-Star IEP Administrator Guide
Checklist to Prepare
IWAS Account
    o I-Star Application
I-Star User Roles/Requests
    o Approve/Deny Security Request
    o Assign Security Roles
Landing Page
Special Needs Definition
Custom Events
Custom Notes
IEP Caseload
IEP Form Contacts
Adding IEP Common Users
Configuring a Cover Page
Configuring Letter Head
Adding Users to Access List
Student Profile
Other Information
Phone Numbers
Creating a Case Load
Create an IEP/Setup a Conference
Add Form to Meeting
    o IEP Forms
        • Data Chart
        • Present Levels
        • Secondary Transition
        • Functional Behavioral Assessment
        • Behavioral Intervention Plan
        • Goals and Objectives
        - Progress Annual Goals Option 1
        - Progress Annual Goals Option 2 (Chart)
        • Educational Accommodations & Support
        • Assessment
        • Educational Services & Placement
        • Educational Services & Placement (Pg2)
        • Manifestation Determination
        • Additional Notes/Information
    o Notice & Consent Forms
        • Request for an Evaluation
        • Consent for Initial Evaluation
        • Consent for Reevaluation
        • Notification of Conference
        • Recommendations
        • Consent for Initial Provisions
        • Notification of IEP Amendment
        • Notification of Transfer of Rights Due to Age
        • Delegation of Rights
        • Consent for Outside Agency Invitation
        • Mutual Agreement to Extend Eval Timeline
    o Eligibility Forms
        • Documentation of Evaluation Results
        • Eligibility Determination (Other than SLD)
        • Doc. of Intervention/Evaluation Result(SLD)
        • Eligibility Determination (SLD)
    o Other Forms
        • Revocation of Consent
        • Summary of Performance
        • Autism Considerations
Add Meeting Notes
Making an Entire Meeting Official
        • Annual Review
        • Reevaluation
        • Archived IEP
        • Create an Amendment
Make Individual Form Official
Print IEP
Print History
Adding Attachments to the IEP
Activity Log
IEP Reports
Notice & Consent Instructions
ISBE IEP Instructions

I-Star Personnel User Guide

I-Star Student User Guide