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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 1:28 PM
Subject: FY 15 ESTIMATED IDEA Part B Allocations and Nonpublic Proportionate Share
Importance: High


ESTIMATED FY 2015 IDEA Part B Flow Through and Preschool allocations as well as Nonpublic Proportionate Share estimates for each program have been calculated and can be accessed below.

Please note the following important information regarding these estimates:

  • The State Board of Education received notice of a 4% increase in the preliminary FY 2015 award for IDEA Part B Flow Through as compared to FY 2014.  However, IDEA Part B Preschool was level funded which has resulted in providing an estimate at this time that reflects funding for the  “base amount” only with no additional funds beyond the base.  For those not familiar with the federally dictated allocation process for IDEA Part B I encourage to review the following link  We anticipate that additional funds will be provided beyond the base amount in July/August when final allocations are determined but the additional amount is not able to be quantified at this time.  
  • The 2013-14 public and nonpublic enrollment as well as the poverty data used for these estimates should be considered preliminary and will change for some districts before final allocations are calculated.   
  • Joint agreement dissolutions and district withdrawals are not reflected in the estimated allocations but will be reflected in the final allocations after the changes take effect on July 1, 2014. 
  • The Nonpublic Proportionate Share set aside amounts utilize the December 1 special education child count (November 29, 2013 this year) that was transmitted on March 7, 2014.  The data and calculation should be considered preliminary and will change when final allocations are calculated.  NOTE:  Please take the time to verify the L, P, and N child count numbers are accurate for your district.  Any corrections must be transmitted by the final regular term approval on June 30, 2014.

FY 2015 IDEA Part B Flow Through ESTIMATED

FY 2015 IDEA Preschool ESTIMATED

FY 2015 IDEA Part B Flow Through Nonpublic Proportionate Share ESTIMATED

FY 2015 IDEA Preschool Nonpublic Proportionate Share ESTIMATED

2013-14 Nonpublic Enrollment PRELIMINARY

If you cannot open the links directly follow these directions:  From the ISBE Home page at, click on Funding and Disbursement Services under the Divisions & Programs link in the top right hand portion of the page, under Resources located on the right hand side of the Funding and Disbursements webpage, click on Special Education and scroll down to the appropriate links.

Please access the link above to view 2013-14 Nonpublic Enrollment reported to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) by registered nonpublic schools.  Each nonpublic school that chose to register and report enrollment this year (registration is voluntary and annual) is connected by jurisdiction to the corresponding public school district(s). 

If a nonpublic school does not appear in the list, it is due to one of the following reasons:

1.      The nonpublic school was reported as “For Profit.”  Per federal rule, only enrollment reported from nonprofit elementary and secondary schools can be counted for distributing 85% of the remaining IDEA Part B grant funds to all local education agencies after the Base Year has been subtracted. 

[see 34 CFR 300.13, 300.36, 300.705(b)(3)(i)]

2.   The nonpublic school is also an ISBE-approved nonpublic special education program.  The nonpublic school enrollment was removed since students placed by their home districts in a private facility should be included in the enrollment reported by these public school districts.

3.   The nonpublic school did not choose to register and report enrollment this year.

If you believe there is a reporting error in the nonpublic enrollment information, please contact the Division of Data Analysis and Accountability at 217-782-3950.

Tim Imler
Division Administrator
Funding and Disbursement Services
Illinois State Board of Education
Phone:  217-782-5256
Fax:  217-782-3910



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